Tips for Making the Switch to Natural Hair Care

natural hair care

Author: Vanessa McHugh

Ever since I was a little girl I was a body care connoisseur; I spent my allowance on skincare, hair care and makeup products. For the past few years I have made it a mission to be more conscience of the products I use on my skin as well as the food and vitamins I consume. For me, body care and facial skin care products were an easy switch from conventional to natural, but the switch I found challenging was hair care (I rather enjoyed the foaming experience when washing my hair).

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6 Tips to Help Your Kids Go Gluten Free

gluten-free for kids

Author: Devan McGuinness

Having a child on a medically necessary specialty diet is not an experience I anticipated would be a part of my life, but life is funny like that. There are many reasons people are on a gluten free diet, but for our family – it’s thanks to celiac disease, which means this household is on a very strict gluten free diet.

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Eating for Better Sleep

Cherry Lentil Salad

Author: Lynsey Walker

“I can sleep when I am dead.” It was my motto all through University as I rallied to maintain both my academic and social calendars. Long nights studying (or let’s be honest… at the bar), followed by early morning classes had me downing a lot of coffee, tea, and sugar to keep me going sun-up to well past sun-down.

But with age comes wisdom, and I can see the folly of my ways; Quality is so much better than quantity. What’s the use of slogging through life, eyes half open (or half shut if you are more of a pessimist)?

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Open Your Eyes to Mascara: Tips from Our Beauty Expert

mascara tips

The makeup equivalent of your much-needed morning cup of Joe, the perfect mascara (and its application) have a way of making you look instantly more awake – even more refreshed. Mascara has outlived all the crazy makeup trends and is the most popular of all makeup products. So, much like a BFF, every girl needs to have a few really great ones that she knows she can really rely on. Our Beauty Expert weighs in on her go-to mascaras for volume, length and even when you want a natural look.

See which ones she can’t live without and read a few of her mascara tips.

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15 Must Haves for a New Baby

Things a new baby needs

You did it. You survived the pregnancy and the birth and now you have this amazing, warm, sweet smelling bundle in your arms…

Now what?

Yesterday we covered what you need to survive the aches, pains, wonderful moments and extra special time at home. Today we’ll cover what baby needs. Who knew those wee babes would require so many accoutrements?

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11 Things a New Mom Needs

what a new mom needs


Whether this is your first or not, mixed in with your overwhelming love and excitement is probably a bit of anxiety about what you’re going to need to have on hand at home so that you will be prepped and ready for that first (slightly crazy) month after the wee babe arrives.

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6 Steps to Creating A Signature BBQ Rub or Sauce

bbq rub marinade recipes

BBQ sauces and rubs are one thing every grill chef is particular about—as they should be! The perfect BBQ sauce, rub or marinade adds flavor and moisture to meat, but every chef has his or her own unique ingredients. We’ve broken the recipes down into six components so you can make sure to have them on hand to create your own signature rubs and marinades this summer for all your BBQ parties, dinners and experiments.

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5 Steps to a Fitness Routine That Works!

fitness routine

Author: Tameika G., Our Fitness Expert. Check out Tameika’s blog here on our site once a month and stay up to date by following her on Instagram @TameikaG and on Twitter @TameikaG

People often ask me “Tameika, HOW do I start a fitness routine?!”.

Well, it all begins with a plan. Here are my go-to five steps to help you with developing a realistic and maintainable fitness regimen. The key to starting this program is to be honest with yourself. Don’t commit to a routine that you can’t follow through. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you kick start your fitness journey.

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10 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

summer safety


Author: Devan McGuinness. Check out Devan’s blog here every other Monday and stay up to date by following her on Facebook at byDevan and through Twitter at@byDevan.

Have you been enjoying the weather lately as much as I have? It is perfect this time of year where the humidity is not too overwhelming and the nights are still cool enough to sleep comfortably, but before we know it – it’s going to be hot, hot!

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45 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those ingredients you should always have (and probably do always have) in your house; it’s another one of those extremely versatile and useful household items (like coconut oil and baking soda).

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar made by fermenting apples in water. The fermentation may occur naturally or it may be kick started with bacteria and yeast. The result is the vinegar you are used to seeing in your grocery store. It can come with or without the “mother” which is a combination of cellulose and bacteria that is formed during the fermentation process.

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