Too Busy for Good Nutrition? Think Again.

good nutrition

Every day is a good day to start making healthier choices — and good nutrition is a great place to start.

In today’s busy world, taking that first step can often seem overwhelming and way too complicated. If you want to make it easier on yourself, consider the simple addition of an all-in-one formula. It’s a convenient and easy way to help cleanse your body, energize your day and support your physical needs. But why do you need something to help your body do all these things?

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5 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

decorating easter eggs

Chocolate might be the tastiest (and first) option, but little ones love Easter egg decorating. These five fabulous kits will ensure Egg-cellent results and a house full of fun on Easter morning. And not to mention, keeping little hands out of the chocolate means more for us.

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Everyone Should Put Mommies First

mommies first

Lorena Scott is a mom to 2 young boys – Sebastian and Alistair. She is also the founder of MommiesFirst, a Canadian monthly box service for pregnant and new moms that literally puts mommies first. With two little guys running around and a young company, her house is a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) busy (okay, perhaps just slightly crazy). Continue reading "Everyone Should Put Mommies First"

Our Top 5 Fave Board Games

Board Games for Kids

Author: Kevin Veilleux

We live in a plugged in culture and as many amazing opportunities that offers us, it sometimes has a disconnecting effect.  Even when at home, us parents and our kids are absorbed into small and large screens, pulling away from the face-to-face interaction we all need in our time-starved existence.  With children, the challenge is how to engage them and get them involved in quality time.  We say, put away the phones, the tablets, turn off the television and dive into a board game this weekend.
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30 Uses for Aloe

uses for aloe

Aloe  is a remarkable plant. It’s cool, clear gel contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides, and fatty acids. Aloe has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years; Cleopatra reportedly used it to reverse signs of ageing and wrinkles…and the list of its benefits and uses just gets better. Continue reading "30 Uses for Aloe"

3 Delicious Protein Smoothie Recipes

3 smoothie recipes

Smoothies are such a great way to pack in protein during the morning rush or right before or after a workout. They’re simple to make, delicious and portable — what more could you want? But, the problem is, you get tired of blending the same old protein smoothie recipes day after day. We’re here to shake up your smoothie schedule with these healthy, delicious and interesting creations. Continue reading "3 Delicious Protein Smoothie Recipes"

5 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Teeth Brushing Tips

Do your kids run away when you whip out the toothbrush? Is it more like pulling teeth than brushing teeth? For some reason, brushing their teeth is one of those activities that many kids aren’t that keen on. But a good tooth-brushing routine is important to help kids combat tooth decay and develop a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Continue reading "5 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth"

The Lazy Parents’ Guide to Organizing Kids

Organizing Kids

By: Jennifer Hamilton

First things first, I’m not really a lazy parent…more like a busy parent. Of course, all parents are busy, so that’s not news. And I am by no means an expert, just a parent doing the best she can at organizing my kid.

My son is seven. HE is lazy. Well, not so much lazy as distractible. Busy. Easily bored. Not interested in the details. Essentially he’s a normal seven year-old boy. But a normal seven year old boy and a highly type-A personality mom don’t mix well — we’re kind of like oil and water — at least when it comes to organization. So we’ve developed a few really great organizational skills/tools to get him – and keep him – organized at home, at sports practices and at school. Continue reading "The Lazy Parents’ Guide to Organizing Kids"